Run buns 2015

Run buns 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm not a quitter

I had a message on my Run, Run my buns off  2013 -2014 Blog.. it was deleted due to spam. What? I've had this blog since 2013.. all was GONE. Every post.. and all my photos. It was my record of how far I've come in working out and staying healthy. Not to mention, my family blog was also attached to that same account and I've lost all our family records as well. I still have the photos thankfully. 
I'm not a quitter.. I'm going to start fresh with this new blog for 2015, exactly like I should have when the new year started. There is a chance I could lose this record too but I'm willing to take that chance again. It's just for me.. and a daily account of keeping going with my fitness. If it helps me day to day to keep working out and taking care of my fitness then I'm going to keep doing it. I just won't attach our family blog. 
In the circuit class instead of holding a 30 second plank 3x's with 30 seconds of rest. I tried something new. I went from bent elbows to a straight arm plank, up and down for 30 seconds. It was easy the first 30 seconds then got a little harder by the 3rd set. I've also been doing a side plank Right for 30 seconds and left for 30 seconds but just 1 set. I usually don't do 3 sets, just one of each exercise unless it's planks. 
I'm slowly eliminating my need for my morning caffeine pill. I'm down to just slightly less then half a pill. I don't want a morning headache so I'm doing this quitting at a slow pace. I'm going to 1/4 a pill tomorrow and by the end of the week.. free from my need of caffeine. I have read that studies show caffeine does help performance and weight loss. This was my reason for taking a pill every morning. Now that I workout later all the effects wear off long before I workout. Plus, it makes me super, super thirsty. I don't drink coffee or any other drinks to get caffeine so the pill was a quick way to get an energy boost.  
I made home made bread last night to go with our left over pasta shells. I need to make some more healthy breads with whole grains. Time to start experimenting to give up the white flour. I do love my white bread with honey butter so I won't give it up completely. 
I never finished up the 4.5 miles I had to run yesterday. I am running today. I'm also not going to take the exclusion from the women I've gotten to know personal. After all, I don't run at the gym year round and am not always there when they are working out. I'm just going to assume they prefer the consistency of knowing each of the 3 women will be at the gym, same time and all the time not just in the winter a few days out of the week. I'm just not going out of my way and will just remain distant to focus on my fitness. More important then chit chatting away my time. Funny how when those women saw me coming from the circuit class they wanted to know what I was doing. Made a bee line to me just to find out. I'm being watched. That's the gym for you. Glad to have other options to working out and soon I'll have even more! 
Until I figure out why my cell photos aren't uploading I might be using old photos. Hopefully, I'll be able to fix this issue asap or I'll be one unhappy blogger! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Circuit workout

Trying out a free circuit class at the gym was a great idea. I learned a few new core exercises. It's great to workout with other trainers to get new ideas. 

We did a variety of exercise from sumo squats, box jumps,  to wall squats, balance and core. I realized it's time to start doing daily box jumps and wall squats as these were the two exercises I could benefit most from. 

My cross ramp workout was short 15 minutes or 1.5 miles before the class. I'll have to go back to workout later on and get in the rest of my 6 miles for the day. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

How did you start the new year 2015?

How did I start my fresh new year 2015...

Sleeping in
Using my new FitBit
Stretching and Yoga 
6 miles on the cross ramp
Resistance Training 15 minutes/weights
30 days of organization for 30 minutes
Creating my new 2015 Run My Buns off Blog!
Family Dinner

Hello 2015

A new year and a new blog location at 
If you want to check out last years blog its at